Bensalem Township Lions Newsletter - Nov, 2017

Newsletter – Nov 2017

Our Newsletter should help keep you informed of all Lions Club activities

November 2, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

(15 members present)



  • Flea Market – $1,471 turned in
  • Fall Festival – $845
  • Boscov’s – $350

New Lions – Sponsors

Ijaz Chaudhry
Dr. U. Farooq
Donna A. Donat
Pat Calhoun
Irene Pers
Steve Pers
Bhasker Patel
Pat Calhoun

Rakesh Mohindroo
Sail Saif
Sateesh Rachamadugu
S. Saif
Reginald Polk
Donna Vasek
Ed Kisselback
Ken Buckalew

Upcoming Events

Nov 15, 2017 – District Governor’s Visitation

November Birthdays

Donna Vasek 1, 1957

Joe Szafran 14, 1953

Ken Buckalew 17, 1948

Tom Vasek 23, 1950

Ken Moore 25, 1937

Dedication Ceremony for the Danny Mac Walk

Attended by Lions Tom Vasek, Ken Buckalew, Jeanine Price and Bruce Tomlinson. It was a good feeling to hear the Lions mentioned several times as a community partner. This community project will enhance Firefighter’s Field and benefit Bensalem Township residents.


This is a tribute to the dedicated Lions who helped raise the funds for this community project. This will keep our name out in the community and help raise awareness that we serve the community.

This is the Banner patch the club was awarded at this year’s Bucks County Lions Rally. Having a great time, we showed the county that “We are Bensalem Strong!”

Lion Umar Farooq was awarded a Community Service Award by the Bucks County NAACP. Lions Tom Vasek and Ken Buckalew attended. Governor Tom Wolk was the guest speaker.

Saturday night October 28th. I was the guest of Sahil Saif and attended the Asian American Association of Business Owners and Professionals Annual Diwali Party. Above is myself and Lion Sahil. It was a great time. Thanks Sahil!

Pictured above is Lion Jeno Seitz who is a Master Carver and is seen carving pumpkins for Yardley Borough’s “Canal O – Ween”. He has taught classes on carving.

Meeting with Local Communities & Clubs

Monday night we were invited to tour the Bensalem Police Department, along with the Rotary and Kiwanis. Nine of us attended. It was interesting and factual. Good to hear the truth and not political viewpoints. The building is well thought out to include any future growth.

Bensalem Township Training Officer Larry C. explained how the shooting simulator works and how they can change what happens as you are using it. Pictured is Lion Claudia, Lion Jim, and Lion Sharon.

Lion Jim Bodnar sighting in a handgun before it can be used (he managed to get 4 of 6 shots in the bulls eye).

The police department has several different weapons which can be used. Only Temple University and Bensalem Township have this equipment, paid for through drug money returned to Bensalem.

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