Bensalem Township Lions Newsletter - Oct, 2017

Newsletter – Oct 2017

Recap of 10/5 Board Meeting

12 Members present; PDG Ken Moore requested expenditure up to $4,500 to purchase turkeys for our December Food Basket distribution. Motion approved.




Flea Market – $1,555 turned in

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 9, Boscov’s
  • Oct 11, Danny Mac Sponsor Event
  • Oct 14, Flea Market
  • Oct 17, Boscov’s
  • Oct 18, Dinner Meeting
  • Oct 19, Bucks County Rally Night
  • Oct 21, Flea Market
  • Oct 28, Last Flea Market

October Birthdays

Bryan Allen 2 – 1978

Jeanine Price 3 – 1971

Charles Vengoechea 6 – 1964

Judy Vengoechea 6 – 1961

Sharon Winokur 2 – 1948

Bensalem Fall Festival

I wish to give a great “Thank You” to the Lions who came out and worked hard to make money for our club. As you will see in the following pictures, it was a grand time and a wonderful success. Thanks to Jeanine, Patti, and Donna. A lot of us helped, making it a nice contribution to the Bensalem Community.

Lion Jeno Seitz and Lion Bruce Tomlinson were Judges at the car show competition.

Lion President Tom Vasek and Lion Donna were cooking some very tasty food.

Here Jeanine shows us why we are here. Money, Money, Money!

In addition to the food, Jeanine also sold Boscov’s Discount cards, Lottery Calendars, and Flyers Basket tickets.

Lion Ken Buckalew spent all day working our Membership Table. Not the easiest job of the day, but Ken did an excellent job, giving us a list of prospective new members. Thanks Ken!

Lion Bryan Allen saw how busy we were & lent us a hand which enabled Donna to run out to buy some more rolls and I was able to get more food from our truck. Thanks to Bryan, I know you would have preferred to be meeting and greeting people, but we always are glad to see a fellow Lion jump in and help out. Thanks again, Bryan.

More images from the Bensalem Township Fall Festival

Here is Patti seen selling tickets for the Flyers Basket, which includes a parking pass and two tickets for a Flyers game, that were donated by Bill Turner and Debbie Smith.

Lion Dr. Farooq is being interviewed by the Bensalem High School District Owls TV Crew.

Other images of the Fall Festival. Photos taken by Jim Bodnar

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