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Lioness Program

Lioness Program

The "Lioness Program"

A valuable coordinated support program to run your own club.

The Lions organization was founded in 1917, and its membership was exclusively male, like most service organizations of its time. As Lions grew, women, particularly spouses, embraced the Lions mission of service and began forming auxiliary clubs. Because of their success, Lions Club International developed the Lioness Program and emblem in 1975, officially recognizing and supporting the auxiliary program.

The Lioness Program continued to grow until 1987 when the International Board of Directors amended the Lions Club Constitution to admit both men and women. Lions Club International continued supporting the Lioness Program until 1991, at which time it was determined that Lionesses could be better served by the association as Lions.

Recognizing the value of Lioness membership, Lions Club International instituted a Lioness Bridge Program in 1996 that allowed Lionesses to become Lions when their clubs made the transition into full-fledged Lions Clubs.

Furthermore, Lionesses can also start their own Lions club and use “Lioness” in their club name. By starting a new club, Lionesses can hold meetings at their convenience and choose projects and activities that interest their members. Not all members joining the Lioness Lions Club need to be former Lionesses.